WIPO-SCCR 33: Weiter geht es mit“Contract Override“

Jetzt nehmen die NGO´s Stellung zu Thema „Contract Override“, bei dem es um die Einführung von international bindenden „zwingenden“, also vertragsfesten, Schranken geht.

Danach fehlt dann erstmal nur noch das Thema „translations“, also die Erlaubnis für Bibliotheken, Übersetzungen anzufertigen oder anfertigen zu lassen.

Hier die DBV-Stellungnahme zum „Contract Override“:

„Thank you Chair,

I am speaking on behalf of the German Library Association, representing 10.000 libraries. With reference to 2015 library statistics, in Germany, online resources represent 60 % of the total budget for purchases of research libraries. In technical universities, the share of online resources is even higher: For example, at TU Munich they constituted 83 % and at TU Berlin 67 % of the purchases. Alone in non-specialized research libraries, the expenses for online resources counted nearly 73 Million Euro.

Different from printed materials, online materials are not purchased by simple sales contracts, but via hundreds of different, sometimes several pages long license agreements (and I know what I am talking about). These license agreement can and do override statutory exceptions.

Like we`ve just heard, some countries` legislators have already identified the problem of exceptions overridden by licences and they implemented mandatory exceptions for at least certain situations.

Concerning online resources (which means today: The major part of current library purchases), exceptions which are not mandatory, simply have no effect.

National mandatory exceptions may even not have any effect, when the library and the rightsholder are located in different countries: The agreement may be ruled by the jurisdiction of the rightsholders country or the court may refuse to recognize the effect of other jurisdiction´s (mandatory) exceptions.

This situation, where the rightsholder and the purchasing library are established in different countries, is the norm now. And that is why we are sitting here at WIPO. Libraries purchasing online resources from foreign rightsholders should be sure that the exceptions of their own country`s legislation are effective and recognized by foreign courts. This can only be achieved by an international agreement.

Thank you Chair







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