Nichts Neues vom WIPO-SCCR 33

Gestern ging es wie vorgesehen weiter in der im chair´s chart Ende 2015 festgelegten Reihenfolge. Wir haben die Themen „Library Liability“ (s. letzter post) und „Technical Protection Measures“ (s.u.) abgehandelt. Die Vertreter der Regierungsvertreter verhalten sich (verdächtig?) ruhig, so dass die Beiträge vor allem von den NGO´s kommen. Wir Bibliotheks- und Archivvertreter fahren allerhand Erwägungen und Beispiele auf. Sind wahrscheinlich nächste Woche hier zu finden.

Das Statement des DBV zu „Technical Protection Measures“ (TPM´s) von gestern:

„Thank you Chair.

 The work of libraries mainly happens in sectors, where copyright is limited for purposes oft he public good. technical protection measures can impede national and research libraries to fulfil their tasks in the scope of the respective copyright limits.

 Copyright protection prohibits relevant uses of works without consent of the rightsholder. As this legal copyright protection was supposed not to be enough protection for works on the internet and other electronic media, legal protection of TPM´s was introduced in the World Copyright Treaty. This protection constitutes another layer of protection.

This 2nd layer was not supposed to extent the copyright protection, but to strenghten the copyright protection itself.

These two protection layers have to be totally congruent. If they are not congruent, there is the danger that TPM´s prevent actions that are not part of the copyright protection.

So, as exceptions and limitations, as well as the copyright term (authors death + 50 years) limit copyright, the legal protection of TPM´s has to follow not only the copyright protection, but also these limitations.

With reference to our discussion today, at least within the scope of exceptions of libraries and archives, TPM´s should not be protected.

In the library sector

  • TPM´s can prevent libraries from the production of archival copies to preserve our cultural and scientific heritage for posterity.
  • TPM´s can complicate the electronic legal deposit of e-books, e-journals and web harvesting

 This is an international issue, as far as rightsholder, who implement TPM´s are located in other countries as the libaries and archives which use these materials.

Thank you Chair“



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