WIPO / SCCR 30 Mein Statement im Auftrag des Deutschen Bibliotheksverbandes (DBV) zum Thema Preservation

Thank you Mr. Chairman, I am talking on behalf of the German Library association which represents 3000 libraries in the country. Digital Long Term Preservation requires technical instruments and effords. Like the IPA delegate and my colleague from SAA correctly mentioned, storing the archive on CD is not enough, because the archive will vanish or will not be usable any more. I am not a technical expert on archiving, but I know that it requires multiple copies in ever new formats to get the archive emulated in formats that guarantee their usability in new operation systems. Because of this, there is urgent demand for services which help to copy and store these resources. My own library uses an international service for this. This service is based in Michigan, USA, if I am right. It stores these resources only with permission of publishers. They don´t provide any access in this context. Many publishers have given this permission, but by far not all. So, to ask for this preservation service in Michigan, which is, from my point of view, an international issue, licensing is needed but in many cases not given. So, a harmonized exception which allows to ask service providers to store digital resources without licensing would help to solve this urgent problem.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman


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